Merry Mondays #18

Wow, what a week it’s been. I can hardly believe it’s already over and it’s time for another to begin. Trying to take a deep breath and get ready. Here are my lists for the week, what are yours?


Thankful For:


1. Being able to be at and enjoy a beautiful wedding of some wonderful people.
2. Chocolate, it helps all situations.
3. Good friends.
4. The opportunity to meet families of friends.
5. My dressing gown. It’s so cozy and comfy.


Looking forward to:


1. The Olympic torch coming to my town!
2. Re-connecting with some people I’ve not seen in a while.
3. Miss E coming to my country AGAIN!!! and the couple of hours I get to spend with her :o)
4. Going to choccywoccydoodah (and other places in Brighton)
5. Sleepover with my beautiful Sister.
6. The baptism of a gorgeous young lady.


Yes, I know I took liberties and listed six things… but why not!


Hope you all have good weeks… let me know what you’re up to and what you’re thankful for!


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