Merry Mondays #16

Here we are, another Monday morning. What a week it has been! How has it been for you?

Well, lets get re-focused and ready to face a new week, here are my thanks and my expectations:

#1 My dad, who has loved me, set an example for me in life, and raised me to the best f his ability.
#2 My fake-dad who has cared and loved for me like his own over the years. And this past year in particularly has gone above and beyond support, love, and help me get through this year.
#3 My doctor who really genuinely cares and advocates for me.
#4 Families that let me celebrate Fathers Day with them.
#5 My not broken ankle. Just a bad sprain, I am so grateful for that!

Looking forward to:
#1 Finishing the creations I started
#2 Getting my house in order a little bit – it’s such a mess right now!
#3 Starting a new book
#4 Making plans
#5 Phone dates with my sister.

I hope you’re staying thankful and have things to look forward to, big or small.


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