Merry Mondays #15



I know I said I’d try and get some things up last week, and I didn’t manage, I’m sorry. I was away at a conference, and so had little time…. also I had so much going in there was little space in my head to process and send anything out! There should be a few posting this week though, so keep an eye out!


Right, back to business. It’s Monday so time to get Merry!


Thankful for:


1) My housemate, she’s pretty cool.

2) Doctors that explain things, clarify what’s going on, and encourage you.  (more about this in the week)

3) Being able to SLOWLY start coming off steroids! AMAZING (again, more about this later).

4) Straws, I love drinking through straws, it just makes life more enjoyable.

5) Friends, near and far. The support, encourage, challenge, laugh at, laugh with, cry with, cry for, and just generally love me. I am so grateful and love them all so much.


Looking forward to:


1) My housemate finishing her course today, yay! No more boring study evenings… just FUN FUN FUN.
2) Changing my bed sheets… well not so much the changing part, but the after part. I love the first night in clean sheets, there’s just something so yummy about it.

3) Having time to do some writing, I’ve missed writing.

4) Being back at home. I never used to care about routine, or being at home, or anything like that But these days I appreciate it so much.

5) Getting some new paint colors.


I hope you all can find joy in your weeks.


Why don’t you make your own lists and let me know what they say?


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