Merry Mondays #?

Good Morning Everyone!

I so very nearly forgot to write this… I’m glad I remembered. I hope you’re getting ready to be thankful, an bring some merriness into your weeks. Well I’ve not go much time today, so lets get going.


Thankful for: (it’s going to be hard to keep it to 5 things)

a) The people God has put me in contact with this week.

b) The way God has given me opportunity and courage to start building community this week. (I began to write a post on this and never finished,maybe I will try this week).

c) Good deals on some clothes I really needed. (80% of my wardrobe no longer fits me).

d) A surprise visit by both my brother, and then 6 days later my sister! There’s nothing quite like family.

e) Chocolate chip cookies and milk. The world seems so much better when I have these at my side


Looking forward to:

a) CHERISH! (A ladies conference) With 2 amazing friends… and a ton of other women.

b) Seeing those 2 amazing friends and catching up… and then seeing one of their kids and husband on the way back.

c) Seeing my GI specialist, and maybe (said with a flinch, not wanting to get too hopeful) putting a treatment plan in place.

d) Coming home… as much as I am looking forward to being away, and as much as I love going away… I also love that warm feeling you get when you come home, back to your house, your bed, and your things.

e) Getting post, or mail as some of you call it.



I might be a little absent this week as I’m away, but I’ll try and finish off some half started posts and get them up. Also I think this week will give me lots of food and inspiration for future things.


Why don’t you make your own Merriness list? See how it can shift your focus.


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