Merry Mondays #13

We’re Back! Merry Mondays.
Boy do I need to do this. It’s an exercise for myself to get my eyes focused on the right things, and I have missed doing this with you all. It’s going to be hard this week, but lets start.


Thankful For:
1) My CrossPoint community who I get to do church with online each week. They build. challenge, encourage, and love me so well.
2) My new flat. It’s a lovely place, and it’s nice living with somebody, and it’s a great location.
3) Living near the sea. The sea is so healing and therapeutic don’t you think?
4) My sister being back from a placement abroad… I’ve missed her and it was so good to just sit and chat again today :)
5) Being able to go away on a conference next week.


Looking forward to:
1) Having my flat-mate around as shes off work on “study leave”.
2) Getting back into writing.
3) Re-connecting with some people I’ve not seen in a while.
4) Being creative.
5) Swimming.


Hope you all can find things to be thankful for and things to look forward to this week. I’d love to know what they are :)


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