A Nothing Post

I should really be back and blogging. I’ve had the internet set up for a week now. I had planned to do a Merry Monday post,I had planned to join in the 5 minute Friday link-up today, Ihad planned to write at least one other post; but I haven’t.


I’m not really sure. I have missed you all incredibly. I have missed writing, I AM missing writing. I guess I’m still adjusting, and still catching up. Trying to read all those posts you all have blogged in my absence, trying to read and reply to emails, trying to catch up on “chores” that need to be done using internet. It’s been wonderful to be back on twitter connecting with people, to be emailing friends across the globe, and to be encouraged and challenged by others writings.

In all honesty, I have written. I’ve written, or half written, about 5 posts, I’ve mentally written at least 5 more. I’ve not had the courage to post them though. Perhaps it’s because I feel the writing is poor quality, perhaps it’s because too much of my heart is on show, perhaps it’s because my mind keeps skipping about and what I write one moment feels like a lie the next. I suspect it’s a mixture of all of these.

Still, I will try harder, and this week I will get something up here. I promise.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


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