Merry Mondays #12

It’s #12 guys! That means we’ve been being intentionally merry on Mondays for 3 months now! Wow! I really love starting the week this way, it makes me concentrate on the blessings I have and get my mind set int he right attitude for the week.


So this week is going to be B U S Y to the max.. let me get started!


Thankful for:
#1 Amazing financial miraculous provision.
#2 Amazing provision of things needed for the move, people to help move, vehicles, furniture, energy, emotional stability, etc.
#3 Friends who walk with me on this journey called life. Challenge me, encourage me, inspire me.
#4 Holidays being booked! :o) Can’t wait for my family to be all together this summer! (it’s a very rare occurrence!)
#5 My current house, I’ve said it before, but as I get ready to leave, I want to say it again. This house has been such a huge blessings, and has served me so well the past 7 months, it’s been a real place of rest and recovery for me. I never ever thought I’d be spending as long as 7 months in it, but I have, and I am so grateful for it. I’m pretty sad to leave.


Looking forward to:
#1 Having all the paper work and organising done for moving house.
#2 Being all moved in to my new house with my new housemate!
#3 Seeing the cute face of my sister before she goes away to far off lands
#4 Starting a new week full of NEW beginnings
#5 Wednesday. (It’s the only day this week I’m not stupidly busy).


Let me know what’s going on with you!


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