Merry Mondays # I can’t remember!

Hello everyone!
I’ve lost track of what number we’re on, after having a week off last week. Sorry… I’ll get back to numbering next week – I promise.
Sorry this is going out later than usual. The last month or so my routine has been totally thrown, and in amongst that even my blogging routine has been up in arms. Time to get some discipline and order back into my life I think!
Anyway, enough of that. Time for some merriness!


Thankful for:
#1 SO much… (does that count??… ‘cos I really want you to know that I am thankful for SO much)… in case it doesn’t… for my new flat and housemate :o) Will be moving next week hopefully!
#2 The incredible healing in my gut.
#3 A good night’s sleep… I had forgotten what a difference a full nights sleep makes.
#4 A God who meets me where I’m at,and speaks to me in that place, with love, with grace, with concern,and with hope.
#5 Waking up to emails from friends in far away places.


Looking forward to:
Ok… this is hard, because with the lack of order in my life is also a HUGE lack of planning… therefore I’m not sure I even know of 5 things that are going to happen this week!
#1 Seeing how God is going to provide for this move.
#2 Meeting with my specialist on Wednesday (kinda a dread too!) and trying to work on a treatment plan from here.
#3 Getting some kind of order back into my life (I hope!)
#4 Reading.
#5 Life. I am looking forward to life, and living it, with all its unexpected ups and downs,and knowing that in them all, God is there, holding me tight.


Your turn…
What are you thankful for? Little things,big things… I’d like to know!
Anything you’re looking forward to this week?


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