Five Minute Friday – Goodbye

Hello! It’s Friday, so here’s the five minute Friday post which is linked up to Gypsy Mama. You can hope over to her blog here.


For those of you who don’t know… here is the idea:


Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays. We set a timer, throw caution to the winds and try to remember what it was like to just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.Write for 5 minutes flat on the prompt- no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.


This week’s topic is “Goodbye”


Here it goes… START


“Goodbye” isn’t something you can learn It’s not something you can practice until it becomes easy, it’s not something that becomes more natural the more you do it.


Goodbye is tough.

Goodbye is heart wrenching.

Goodbye is messy.

Goodbye is unnatural.


I’ve never found an easy way to say goodbye. From ending a conversation with an acquaintance you’ll see in a few hours, to kissing the wooden coffin of a dearly loved friend. It’s always hard to say goodbye. There’s an awkwardness in goodbyes, there’s a sadness in goodbyes. It feels as though they were never intended to be. We were meant to live in community, with God, with each other, for ever, for eternity.


Yet goodbye is a part of life, and one that must be accepted. So as it has featured heavily in my life I find myself well accustomed to the motions of it. Not to drag it out, not to dwell. To enjoy every last moment, to create as many memories as possible, to squeeze out every ounce of joy, before the time comes. And then to quickly and simply say “goodbye”, to let go, and to walk on.


I always hope that a goodbye is never really a goodbye, just a farewell.


But my friends, be assured, that even if our goodbye is really a goodbye, you’ll always be in my heart.




What are your thoughts and reactions to goodbye? What springs to your mind when you hear that word?


4 Comments on “Five Minute Friday – Goodbye”

  1. As a military spouse, the first thing that comes to my mind is the “is this goodbye the final goodbye?” question. It’s difficult, but it’s reality for us. We just hope & pray that it doesn’t happen.

    • Emilie R says:

      Oh yes, that is so hard!I am so grateful for all our military guys do for us. I am saying a prayer for courage and strength for you for the many goodbyes to come.

  2. Sheryl says:

    Your thoughts echo many of my own. Good-byes are hard and messy most of the time. I’m glad so many of mine don’t have to be final.

    • Emilie R says:

      It is often a comfort to know that even if these goodbyes are final here, that one day I hope there will be a reuniting hello, in that perfect place where goodbyes will cease to be! Thank you for that reminder.

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