Life in Photos: Week Three

Wednesday April 4th


On Wednesday we had a girls night in, and I got to hang out with these lovely, crazy, girls. We played cranium, and just to let you know… my team won! Oh yeah! :o) We ate cupcakes, ice-cream, garlic bread, crisps, and various other unhealthy snacks. The best part of the evening was when the girl sitting back right, agreed to be my housemate! Yay! We’re now looking for a place to live.


Thursday April 5th


I spent most of today just relaxing, gathering energy for the weekend ahead. I did, however, make this cake to take away with me. Over the weekend it got nicknamed “Smurf roof cake” or “smurf cake” for short. Apparently it looks like the roof of a smurfs house. What do you think?


Friday April 6th


Holiday Time! The two kind people on the left came and picked me up and we drove to meet the other 4 sweet people for a weekend by the sea. We spent this evening shopping, cooking, dancing with Lizzie and Sid, playing bingo, and having a late-night walk on the beach.


Saturday April 7th


Starting the day with cuddles from this cutie and George the bear set the tone for a good day! Mornings are so much better when you get this smile waking you up! :o)


Sunday April 8th


We ended the weekend with fish ‘n’ chips on the beach with a fire and toasting marshmallows. Perfect end to a lovely weekend :o)


Monday April 9th


After a busy weekend I was exhausted today! That meant I spent most of the day sitting on my sofa resting, sleeping, and listening to the radio. Out of the window I saw this squirrel! It was MASSIVE. The photo is a little misleading, it’s bigger than it looks here, so much so I had to get my camera out and take a photo to show you guys! Yeah, that’s how uneventful my stay-at-home days are.


Well that’s my week. I hope your Easter weekends were good too and you did something special to remember the death and resurrection of our saviour Jesus Christ. Feel free to tell me all about your week, I love hearing what’s going on in your lives.


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