Merry Mondays # 10…. on Tuesday

As it was Easter Weekend, I got a little out of my normal routine and forgot to post a Merry Monday yesterday, so I’m doing it a day late. Which means my week in photos will also be a day late.


I am thankful for:


  1. Writers. Authors, bloggers, letter writers, all kinds of writers. I love reading what they have to say, I love the way they challenge and make me think, I love the way they put my thoughts and feelings into words, I love the way they encourage me, I love the way they inspire. I am thankful for writers.
  2. The internet. Emails, skype, podcasts, live streaming. It allows me to connect with those I love who are far away, it allows me to be a part of events, communities, celebrations I would not otherwise be able to be a part of, it allows me to access things I would otherwise never know. I am thankful for the internet.
  3. Music. This quote sums it up nicely: “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” I am thankful for music.
  4. The beach. The vastness of the ocean which makes me feel so small, the calming, rhythmic sounds of the waves sweeping the shore, the wind which beings a freshness to my mind, the beauty in both the ferocity or the calm filling me with hope. I am thankful for the beach.
  5. Electrical Appliances. Washing machines, fridges, freezers, electric whisks, microwaves, all sorts of electrical appliances. They make life so much easier, more convenient. I am thankful for electrical appliances.


This week I am looking forward to:


  1. Aqua-fit. I started a weekly aqua-fit class; it’s actually quite challenging – but a lot of fun, and one of the only forms of exercise I can do these days.
  2. Speaking to my parents ON THE PHONE. They are going for a break in a slightly less remote country, and so I can phone them.
  3. Baking cakes with my sister for the sports coaches that have come to town to do an outreach with my church.
  4. House viewings. Hopefully finding a house with… TWO… bedrooms for a friend and I to move into.
  5. Finding out a little more what’s going on with my body.


Number 5 brings me to say… next week I won’t be posting a Merry Monday. I’m going into hospital for some further testing and so I will not have access to my blog, and nor will I be in any fit state to write anything. Email / comment / tweet me your thanks and excitements instead so I can share in your joy!


Praying each of you will be aware of the many blessings in your lives this week.


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