Life In Photos Week Two

It’s Tuesday… just about still.


I have a little confession to make. I finished last week saying “as predicted a couple of rough days” … well unpredicted was how long it would last! I spent all week pretty much not moving from my bed, apart from a couple of evening trips out to a sofa in another house! Over the weekend I was a little better, and then back to bed again today!


So I didn’t really have much to take photos of, and I forgot on a couple of days… but I’m going to do my best.. let it not be said that I don’t try people!



Tuesday March 27


This photo was sent to me. My tortoises had babies just before they went in to hibernation, thought there was only one… turns out there were more! They came out of hibernation today… mum and dad hadn’t been seen, but by the end of the week they were out and about too! The babies are only about 3 inches big! How cute!


Wednesday March 28


This is my brother James. I spent time teaching how to wrap up his mom’s birthday present today (such a boy!)… he had to make his own wrapping paper as there wasn’t any in the house. Then I spent the evening hanging out with the family eating fish and chips. It was lovely to be with them all again.


Thursday March 29


I live in the annex of a big house. This dog, along with his sister, live in the main house. They are so cute (and I’m not a dog lover). They keep me entertained as I watch them out the window.


Friday March 30


Today I was feeling a little better and wanted to be creative, so I made these for my scrabble-obsessed sister, Kelly. I really enjoyed making them, and I enjoyed looking at them whilst they were in my house.


Saturday March 31


After having made something for Kelly, I decided to make something for my own wall! So I made these little canvases, which I personally love (but I’m a bit biased!). My One Word this year is “TRUST” So I’ve hung them up on my wall to be a constant reminder to me to keep trusting.


Sunday April 1


It was April 1st today. I didn’t do any fooling, and surprisingly I didn’t get fooled either! I was waiting for it, but, this year, I was lucky enough to escape. :o) Instead I got these lovely daffodils. I adore daffodils, simple, but they are so bright and cheery.


That’s all I’ve got this week. I’ve not had a chance to upload Monday’s photo yet, so next week you’ll get a bonus! Hope you all had interesting weeks.


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