Merry Mondays #9

Wow! It feels like AGES since I wrote one of these, I even went back to check I hadn’t missed a week by accident, I hadn’t. I guess it’s just been a long week, not in a negative way, just in a long way.


So here I am, starting another week. Last week didn’t exactly go as planned… well not at all, but more about that in my photos tomorrow. I still have so much to be thankful for though, and I’m still going to keep looking forward to all that’s planned for the week ahead, even if it doesn’t end up happening!


This week I am feeling thankful for:
i) the people who pray faithfully and relentlessly for me, so that when I don’t have the ability to string a sentence of my own together, or to leave the house (not that you have to leave the house to pray!) I know I am still surrounded by love and grace.
ii) Jesus, my saviour, who gives me hope and joy, keeps me encouraged, and who continues to save me over and over again.
iii) Sprite, it settles my stomach like nothing else. It has helped me so much the past couple of weeks.
iv) My fake family. They make me feel loved, accepted, and included; plus they’re just so much fun.
v) The ability to create (allbeit not very well), I love just making things.


Over the next week I am looking forward to:
i) Getting my house and life back in order now I’m feeling much better.
ii) Going away with 7 of my favourite people for Easter.
iii) Seeing one lovely, inspiring, friend, whom I’ve not seen in nearly 2 years! (one of the 7 I’m going away with!)
iv) Re-disciplining myself in waiting on God, reading his word, and listening to Him.
v) Eating the coffee cake I made today.


Hope you have wonderful weeks my friends. I hope and pray you can find things to be thankful for, and things to be excited about.


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