Merry Mondays #8

Well people, it’s late on Sunday evening. After a pretty much bed-focused weekend due to new pain medication I had totally forgotten about this… so time to see what I can come up with!


1. My GP (general/clinic/family doctor) who listens, advises, tries to find solutions, brings clarity, and goes the extra mile. I am so blessed with such a caring, dedicated GP.

2. Sunshine… we have had a week FULL of sunshine, and are forecasted another one coming up. It’s so nice to be able to open the windows, to walk without a coat, and to eat my lunch out on my little patio.

3. My life, I have the freedom to rest when I need, the freedom to visit people, the freedom to spend as long as I want chatting with God, the freedom to create when the energy and desire hit me.

4. My friends, near and far, who check in when I’m not doing well to see how I am, see if they can do anything, and to just love on me and help me keep going.

5. The birds that seem to sing all day long, their joyful song is contagious and fills my heart with praise.


Looking forward to:

1. “The Easter Trail” this week we will have hundreds of school children pass through our church walking through a live interactive acted Easter story. I pray they will see the amazing grace and astounding love of Christ.

2. My new pain meds kicking in.

3. Post, sending and receiving.

4. A new month beginning.

5. Now it’s “sprung forward” here… the lighter evenings.


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