Merry Mondays #7

I have a confession to make before we get on with this weeks Merry Monday…
These last few weeks I’ve not been full of words, nor have I been feeling full of anticipation or praise. I have had to work hard to choose joy, I have had to force myself to remember the joy and recognize it… because it is there, juse sometimes it takes more of an effort to recognize it.
And so, often I have begun writing my merry mondays on Friday, in order to give myself enough time to dig for my 10 things.


So this week…


I am thankful because
1. My sister came back for the weekend, and I got to hang out with her.
2. Many medical appointments have been able to be booked sooner than I thought.
3. My God, my saviour, my father, lets me hurt and holds me close in that, and then keeps me walking forward.
4. I have so many loving, caring, helpful, wise, encouraging people in my life.
5. Even when those people are so far away I still have skype, email, phone, texts, to keep them close.


I am looking forward to…
1. Seeing my friend James again, after FAR too long!
2. Taking my sister back to university and finally getting to see her new flat! (OK, not looking forward so much to the taking her back bit, mainly just to the seeing her flat!)
3. Grand Prix #2 … Can’t believe I didn’t mention the start of the season last week! (What was I thinking?!?!?!?… needless to say I started as I mean to go with waking at stupid o’clock to watch!)
4. Catching up on communication.
5. A possible, maybe, trip… not giving anything away, but just the prospect fills me with excitement and anticipation, even if it doesn’t work out! :o)


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