Merry Mondays #5

It’s Monday, so here’s my Merry Monday post. Remember to choose joy this week.


I am thankful for:


#1 Tesco home-bake cookie dough. That stuff makes all things better. Raw, half-cooked, cooked… it’s good in every way!

#2 People in my life who sacrifice time and energy for me, without being asked, without wanting recognition, just because they care.

#3 The ability to travel.

#4 The ability for others to travel across the world, and they’re wanting to spend some of that time with ME, little, tiny ME. (see #1 below)

#5 My house, I REALLY do love this place. I wake up every morning in amazement of what God has provided. (I may have to be moving soon… but more about that another time! Still thankful for the time I have had here).


I am looking forward to:


#1 Amy Jan coming to visit!!! She’s coming to spend two nights with me this week, and I am so excited to see her for being her, and also to see someone from my ‘other’ life. It will be so good to catch up, and laze about, and see her beautiful face, and give her a big hug!
#2 Seeing my GI consultant. This is kinda of a looking forward to / dreading at the same time. It’s been quite a while since I last saw him, and lots has changed. I am hoping to get some answers to new challenges, I am hoping to get some positive feedback of the positive changes, I am hope we can make a final decision about my new treatment, and get it started soon. I am hoping this might help me find a new (very) loose time-frame for when I might be able to get back to my usual life.

#3 Getting to see and catch up with many good friends, not seen in too long, later in the week. Hopefully including my precious “neice” and “nephews” one of whom I’ve never met!
#4 Staying with one amazing little family for a few days.

#5 FINALLY finishing my steroids! Maybe I’ll get back to having one chin and being able to fit in my clothes!


What’s going on in your life people? What can you be thankful for?


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