Guest Post – Dear Afghanistan

Today we have a guest post from a dear friend of mine. She and her family are so dedicated to help these people, they love them so much. If you ever listen to her speak about this country or it’s people you could not question the way her heart aches to see the land restored and the people made whole, to see them moving forward.

She speaks from her heart, and portrays my own heart in words I cannot find.


Dear Afghanistan,

My patience for you (and I believe the rest of the world’s) is running out. I believe your window of help from the outside world is beginning to close.

My question for you is what do YOU want?

For the record, I’m sorry your Holy Quran was burned. It would not be the intention of any American I know (except of course for that crazy Pastor in Florida) to insult you or what you choose to believe in.

For the record, in the almost five years we have been here, I have not met a single American military personal who was not the most kind, humble, caring person just wanting to do their job well and get back home to their family.

I have a dream for you Afghanistan. A dream where you begin to take ownership of all that is yours. Your government, your schools, your hospitals, your poor, your uneducated, your mistakes, your achievements, your mountains, your rivers, your people. That your dream would not look like America or the Western World but it would be yours and yours alone. Beautifully and creativity put together by you.

I’ve met your people. They are not what you see on the news. They are resilient, passionate, and strong. They can build an Afghanistan without the help of the outside world. The question is, will they?

If you would like my family to be apart of your dream, we would be happy to consider. If however, you would like us to leave so that you can begin creating your own version of what you would like for your country (without the influence of the foreigner) we understand and we will leave.

So Afghanistan, what do you want? What is your dream?


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