Merry Mondays #1

So… I’ve decided to start a new series “Merry Mondays!”
Monday’s tend to be dreary days, here it’s the first day of the week, after fun-filled care-free weekends, it’s time to get up early, fulfil commitments, see to responsibilities, and get early nights. In my other home, it’s the middle of the week, not quite nearly the weekend, but already tired out from the days before. So I’ve decided to inject some merriness. Every Monday I’m going to post a list of 5 things I’m thankful for and 5 things am looking forward to in the week ahead. Then You guys can comment and tell me what you’re thankful for, or looking forward to!

So Merry Monday #1:

Thankful for:
1) Beautiful snowy days.
2) Friends who listen and smile.
3) My “fake family” who open their homes and hearts to me.
4) Getting into a warm cosy bed at night
5) Hot power showers

Looking forward to:
1) Time at the beautiful Quinta
2) Connecting with similar-hearted people
3) Speaking to my big brother on his birthday
4) Lowering my steroid dose
5) Two long drives

Now it’s your turn people… what are you thankful for? Or what are you looking forward to?


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