Welcoming What I Hate

I sigh as I hear my specialist on the end of my phone: “It’s time to start taking the steroids again”
I know they will help me feel better, and I knew it was coming, but I really dislike steroids. They are not the worst medication I have taken… but they’re certainly horrible. BUT they will get my health back to a good level, and hopefully decrease my pain.


So I’m welcoming back the sleepless nights, the mood swings, the constant inching skin, the high energy followed by a mighty crash, and the overly emotional state of being. Oh and the puffy face, so far I’m clear on that one… but it’s only been 2 days. I’m welcoming it back thankful to have been spared another hospital stay, and thankful that they will improve my health. There is much I could complain about… but there is also much to be thankful for, so here it is:


I am thankful for…
1) Being at home, out of hospital.
2) Having access to medication that helps me.
3) Still being able to eat solids.
4) Friends that keep me encouraged, that go with my mood swings, and don’t take my overly emotional state too seriously.
5) For a sister who is also stuck at home (although I’m sad for her broken pelvis!)
6) and of course for a God who is carrying me though this latest storm.


One Comment on “Welcoming What I Hate”

  1. […] Any of you who have been in my life over the past 9 months or so will know about my love/hate relationship with steroids… if you don’t, then skip back a few posts and read about it there. […]

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