No Promise Of An Easy Life


Over the past few days I have read many a status on facebook, and twitters, declaring how great 2012 is going to be, especially for those who believe. This evening as I read one too many of those I wrote the following status:

“I’m sick of hearing how, for those who have faith, 2012 is going to be awesome. Just because you believe and trust in God and Jesus Messiah, it doesn’t mean the year ahead will be awesome. We live in a messed up world, and pain and hardships hit us all, Jesus follower or not. The year ahead may be great, it may also be truly horrific. All I know is that God is unchanging, and is faithful to give us the grace to endure whatever comes our way. So stop telling me if I have faith and truly believe then the year ahead will be amazing, and stop making those who have, are, or will experience painful times feel guilty and unworthy.”


Something rose up inside of me. Was is compassion for those who I know feel guilty when such things are said, was it righteous anger, was it defensiveness, was it a lack of grace, was it bitterness for the way those words sometimes stab me? I suspect it was a combination of all of these things.


I truly believe that the brokenness of this world affects us all, and although God is faithful to carry us through, and will give us the grace to endure, and will never let us face more than with Him we can handle, he doesn’t cushion us from the pain. He doesn’t promise to make our lives wonderful and smooth all the time. He doesn’t promise that our 2012’s will be amazing. But he does promise that He will be amazing in our 2012’s.


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