Jesus Gave It All…… At Christmas

We often hear about the sacrifice Christ made… at Easter, the suffering, the pain, the endurance, and ultimately the death on that tree that he died. How much he gave for us… at Easter, what a sacrifice of love… at Easter, what amazing grace… at Easter, and what a victory… at Easter.


But what about Christmas?


The past year has served to show me just how broken this world is, how painful this life can be,  and just how far from perfection we have gone. This is not how God intended it, this bares almost no resemblance to the world the God will restore, and this, this is hell compared to Heaven. As I sat and contemplated this, I saw something new. Jesus gave it all… at Christmas. This is Christmas, this is why Christmas is so special, so amazing.


Christmas is when the choice was made. Christmas is when the victory began. What a sacrifice Christ made… at Christmas, what love He showed… at Christmas, how much He gave up for us… at Christmas.


From a perfect, united existence, He came to us, to this. From a painless, joyful, hope-full, deathless, priceless, loving, perfect Heaven, He came. To a world of brokenness, of pain, of despair, of death, of war, of hard, costly living, of hate, and sin, He came. He sacrificed His perfect existence, his world of bliss, to be with us, to be with me, to be for me, to lead us, to give us a way, to make me a path, to show me my father. He cameat Christmas. He sacrificed all that… at Christmas.


The choice was made, to become, in some ways, a broken trinity, to sacrifice comfort and safety, to step down, to give it all up, at Christmas. The choice to make a way, to provide grace, was made… at Christmas. The choice to have the victory over sin and death was made… at Christmas.


So I understand, Jesus gave it all… at Christmas.


And as if that wasn’t enough, He sacrificed so much more, and followed through... at Easter. 


This year as advent began and I sat and reached out to God through the mist that surrounded me, through the wonderings of why, through the frustration and annoyance, through the brokenness, through the bitterness, I began to thank. Praising God for entering in to my wonderings, my frustration, my annoyance, my brokenness, my bitterness, Thanking God for giving it all… at Christmas. 


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