A God Bigger Than Life

I’ve not written anything in several days. No letters, no emails, no journalling, no blogging, my pen has been dry, my fingers still, my screen blank, yet my mind has been noisy, my heart racing, thoughts in knots, going round and round, getting tangled, contradicting each other, never dwelling on one thing long enough to make sense of it, never riding a train of thought till the end. So I find myself lost for words, not for a lack of things to write about, but from the overwhelming vastness of it all.


Yet, I find myself writing anyway. I remind myself, I am walking the path of authenticity, this is the place of authenticity, and I hope maybe tapping the keys will help me process, help me focus, maybe putting it in black and white will make straight the tangled mess. As I write this I have no idea what I will speak about, or of, or where this will go. I only hope it will go somewhere.


Life is complicated, there is nothing straightforward about it. Life is hard, almost everything is tainted with some bitter. Life is heavy, every thought, action, decision has consequences, every memory a mass of emotions attached. Life is broken, this was never how God intended it.


Yet is is so simple, just let go. Life is full of complex choices, choices I am not qualified to make, yet I have a father in heaven who is more than qualified. Life is hard and painful, yet God promises to be my strength and comforter. Life is heavy and tiring, and God lets me rest in His arms, and leads me through the storms, and stays as my constant through all the emotions. So let go, and trust God.


Life is broken, and God made a way to fix it, he came as a baby, as a man, as Jesus, he lived life as a human, experienced the brokenness first hand, and then fixed it. We can have a taste of that now, and He promises that one day we’ll be able to see how it was meant to be, we’ll be able to live the fixed version, and it will stay like that for eternity.


I guess that’s what I needed to process, that yes, life is hard, and broken, but God is bigger than it all, He is more than enough. He provides ways when there seems to be no way, He guides us, leads us, and carries us through.



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