It’s coming up to the New Year (at least for us Westerners), and as much as I hate resolutions, goal setting, and good intentions for change, I’m a bit attached to the tradition. So I’ve been thinking about what I could do. I want to combine tradition with something that will really make a difference. So far I’ve come across two ideas:


One Word is an initiative set up by my blogging friend. Take a look at the original idea here. Instead of having a long list of resolutions you chose one word to remember for that year and act upon. Reading other people’s summaries from 2011, it seems like a successful and good idea. I think I’m going to try it out, I just don’t yet know what my one word will be.


The other, a bucket list. I realize that sounds rather gloomy. Not so much a dying bucket list, as a 2012 only comes round once bucket list. Instead of it being a long, vague, unattainable “things to do before I die” list, t is specific to that year and things you REALLY want to do, and also think can be achievable. It give you the drive to do the things you may otherwise put off forever. I like this idea, I just need to decide what’s going to go one my list. I was a list of 12, one for each month (although it might not work out like that).


What are you planning on doing to help you move forward in 2012? 

What would you suggest I put on my bucket list?


One Comment on “2012”

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