When Science Fails…

Where do I place my hope? In a God who knows and cares for me more than any other, a God who is in control and who is able? Or in medicine and in doctors?



After months of pain and illness I’m offered a drug which looks promising to help, I’m eager to try it. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can almost taste the freedom which comes of relative health. Life suddenly seems sweeter, hopeful, worth living. Three days later blue lights flashing I find myself speeding to the emergency room, an hour later my consultant leaning over my bed, and the following words are like bullets being fired into my ears “I’m sorry, the drugs are making your liver fail, we’ve got to stop your treatment straight away.” My hope comes crashing down, my world is spinning, and I just want to give up. I get lost in a cloud of darkness, there seems to be no way out.


Weeks later I find a path out of the darkness, friends continue to speak words of hope to me, and slowly I start taking steps forward, one day I see for a moment a small glimmer of hope, and it spurs me on to continue. And now as the cloud has dispersed into a light mist, and I look back at my reactions I wonder, where do I place my hope?


Medicine and doctors will always fail, hope placed there will always be dashed.  God never fails, and never gives up, He is faithful to see us through. He may not always take the situation away but he will always walk us through. Hope placed in Him will always be rewarded.


Where is your hope placed? 
In what ways have you seen God be faithful? 


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