Jesus With Skin On

Sometimes in life people do simple things to help out. Things they consider as meager, so small, not really difference-making, but it’s all they know to do, it’s all they can do, so they do it anyway, hoping that it might just make things a little bit easier for you. And when they bring their offering of comfort, of love, you are overwhelmed, for this is not a small, meager, second-best offering, to you this is is Jesus with skin on, it shouts of Christ to you, it is as if he himself is standing before you. Their all-I-know-how-to-do action is so much more than they can ever know. This is what I mean by Jesus with skin on.


The past three months or so I have become increasingly aware of those Jesus with skin on moments.


The people who have sat with me in my darkest days, not knowing what to say, but sitting beside me anyway, watching the tears roll down my cheeks, putting an arm around me, that silence, those moments – Jesus with skin on.


The cheques through the post with notes along the lines of  “It’s not much, but I hope it will help as you are unable to earn”. No you’re wrong, it is too much, it is overwhelming, it is Jesus with skin on.


The friends who come out in the cold and dark to tow you and your broken car home: Jesus with skin on.


The family who give up a space in their house for you, who wrap their arms around you after you have been violently sick, who take you in as one of their own, how can that not be Jesus with skin on?


The people who hold your hand as you enter the hospital yet again, who sit with you, who patiently make small talk or deep talk, your choice, as you have tests and treatments, they are Jesus with skin on.

The meals lovingly prepared and provided for you,

The people who invite you into their homes simply to be,

The faithful brothers and sisters who get on bended knee in the secret place and pray for you without being asked,

The cards and emails just to let you know you’re being thought of,

The friend who daily reads you scripture knowing you’re too low to read it yourself,

The sister who shares her bed with you and allows you to wake her in the night when the darkness seems too thick to face alone,

all of these and so much more besides, have been Jesus with skin on to me.


None of these have seemed like insignificant offerings to me, no, to me, they have been sacrifices lovingly made, they have not just spoken, but shouted, of Christ to me, they have kept my faith and hope alive. I know I am not forgotten by Him, I am still loved, and I battle to keep loving back.


And these moments, they make me realize how important community is; why it is God made man to live together, not alone; why having friendships and doing life together is so precious. I hope and pray my actions too can be Jesus with skin on for someone else.


                                                     What experiences have you had of Jesus with skin on?


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